Here is a handy reference to everything relating to Wang.


The Wangs/Sorensons

The VonStrupps



  • Wangism - Religion of those who follow Wang Sorenson
  • Reform Wangism - Largest branch of Wangism
  • Orthodox Wangism - Branch of Wangism that does not follow the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp
  • Wanganese - Breakaway sect of Wangism that celebrates The Great Stomping
  • Wangite - Follower of Reform Wangism, sometimes refers to followers of Orthodox Wangism
  • Orthodox Wangite - Follower of Orthodox Wangism
  • Wangian - Follower of Wanganese



  • Wangzaah - Holiday celebrated by all followers of Wangism based on the birth of Wang Sorenson
  • The Great Stomping - Holiday celebrated by Wanganese


  • feathered stick - Stick used during the Reform Wangism ceremony during the Wangzaa holiday
  • wishing balls - A plant or tree decoration used during the Wangzaah holiday

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