Amelia Von Strupp

Amelia studying plant biology at her Wangite convent.

Amelia is the youngest daughter of Agnes VonStrupp and the founder of Orthodox Wangism. While her siblings believed the Miracle of Agnes VonStrupp was accurate as their mother reported, Amelia wasn't fooled. She was reportedly the smartest of her seven siblings and figured out that her mother had been prostituting herself for money. Agnes tried to bribe her daughter into silence, but as soon as Amelia was old enough, she moved out and told everyone her mother was making everything up. Only a small percentage of Wangites listened to her as the rest had come to enjoy getting the extra gifts.

Charitable works

Amelia devoted her life to helping underprivileged women. She amassed a great fortune through clever marketing skills and used her fortune to fund her many philanthropic works. She established a convent for at-risk teenagers and campaigned for the education of women of all classes. She also fought for the government regulation of the prostitution industry in order to protect the lives of women and halt the spread of syphilis.

Falling out with family

As the sole Orthodox Wangite in the family, Amelia had a very strained relationship with her siblings. Her eldest brother, Gunter, was the first bishop of Reform Wangism and did not appreciate Amelia telling everyone their mother was a prostitute. Her eldest sister, Angie, was particularly fond of making fun of Amelia's beliefs. In an infamous letter, Angie stated:

"As you are not interested in gifts, I have decided to honor your request this year and will not be sending you a present. I could take the high road, unlike you dear sister, but I think my money is better spent on someone who believes in the true spirit of Wang."

Amelia responded with her characteristic dry wit that she was sorry her sister had to follow in their mother's footsteps. As Amelia believed her mother lied about the miracle and simply prostituted herself for money to purchase presents, Angie was quite enraged. She never spoke to her Amelia again. Amelia said she didn't mind as her sister was "a bit of a bitch." When her sister died from complications of syphilis, Amelia was reported as saying "I told her so."

As one of the core beliefs of Wangism is to adopt persons without families during the Wangzaah holiday, Amelia had no shortage of loving friends and family.


Amelia died peacefully at the age of 73 in the Wangite convent she established. She left her great fortune and legacy to the convent in order to help educate young women about the dangers of prostitution.

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